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Friday, June 29, 2007

Favorite Punk Records - Doggie Do - The Dickies

dickies belinda

The dapper Dickie, Karlos Kaballero wrote Doggie Do, which is the flip side of the Dickies' cover of the otherwise serious 1960s protest song, Eve of Destruction.

That cover was great punk parody, further affirming The Dickies well-deserved crown as the Clown Princes of Punk...not that a song called Doggie Do didn't! I mean... it was kind of a love song to an enamored called "Doggie Do." Awesome.

dickies doggie do

Back in punk rock days, brightly colored vinyl was all the rage. Well, isn't it always all the rage? Nothing looks cooler than a bright pink record!

dickies eve of destruction

stan lee in air WEB

Stan Lee co-produced this record with John Hewlett (their manager at the time) of John's Children fame (Marc Bolan was a member of John's Children).

kent backstage dickies WEB

Billy Club warming up backstage with one of my fave people from punk rock - Kent Smythe in the background. Kent kept every punk rock band together back in the day. When you think he's holding up the wall...he's really holding the Hollywood punk scene together.

leonard graves phillips WOLF

Leonard Graves Phillips.... oh Doggie Do! in a wolf mask.

gray carlos

Doggie Do songwriter Karlos Kaballero, front and center.

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