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Thursday, May 17, 2007

DamnedSisterofMercyBagLady...Patricia Morrison

patricia 1 WEB

Patricia Morrison has a long list of punk rock band credits... she's played bass for The Bags, Gun Club, Sisters of Mercy, Fur Bible, and now plays alongside her husband, Dave Vanian in The Damned. Ironic that the Bags had an anthem called "We Don't Need the English." The English have certainly needed LA's Patrician Morrison.

pat bag 2 web

If you are not familiar with Fur Bible, they are essentially The Gun Club line-up from the Las Vegas Story tour after Terry Graham left and after they abandoned Jeffrey Lee Pierce in London – Kid Congo, Patricia Morrison, and drummer Desperate. Kid sings and you can hear a couple of the tracks on Kid’s compilation Solo Cholo.

These inadvertent portraits of Patricia were taken in the parking lot behind Licorice Pizza in 1977 or 1978. Like I told you yesterday, this hang was the hang out of all hang outs in West Hollywood. While I've seen the Bags dozens of times, these photos of Patricia represent the whole of my Bags images. When I went to see the Bags, I went to have a good time, and that meant not having to mind my camera gear. No regrets, though. I'm proud of these photos. I think Patricia's look is a harbinger of the goth trend that would explode a few years later, and she certainly fits in well with the Damned, which although an amazing true punk rock band has a huge goth following thanks to Vanian's vampire drag.

Its reassuring to know that one of England's finest punk bands, still around after all these years, is playing to the rhythm kept by an LA Woman... Patricia Morrison.

Patricia Morrison - The Bags

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fred said...

And she was in the best line up on the best recording of Legal Weapon

Iren said...

I met her a couple of years back at a Damned show and she was very gracious, and a class act all the way..