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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Anna Statman


The Anna Statman I knew was part of our Lobotomy crew. When we first met, she worked at Licorice Pizza on Sunset Strip. Yeah - it was a big chain record store, but it wasn't evil. Neither was Tower Records. Though both those stores are now gone, back in punk rock days, we were able to find plenty of the punk rock records we wanted at either store; and both stores employed our punk rock pals!

I don't know if it was the Sunset Strip/across the street from the Whisky and from Joan Jett location that made the Licorice Pizza parking lot such a favorite hang out spot, but it was. And when Anna was working, we didn't worry about the store carrying out the posted threat of towing away cars of people who weren't shopping at Licorice Pizza.

anna statman wilsey on street

Here's one of those night-vision shots of Anna leaving the store, and Avenger Jimmy Wilsey is off on the left side of the frame.

buckler interview plz anna

Here we are in full Lobotomy-mode. Anna's back is to the camera. That's Jam drummer Rick Buckler on the phone, and Pleasant beside him waiting to begin the irreverent Lobotomy interview. Anna herself is an accomplished photographer, although people who know of her know her work as an A&R genius.

Both Anna and Randy Kaye joined Slash Records as A&R people and signed many a punk and indie band. Anna went on to work at Geffen and Interscope. The bands that Anna signed over the years include Violent Femmes, Bo Deans, Del Fuegos, Faith No More and plenty others. Other musical credits that Anna can claim include being the bass player in one of Jeffrey Lee Pierce's pre-Gun Club bands, The Red Lights. I photographed a Whisky gig of theirs, and as I do, kept the film in my fridge. That undeveloped roll of film fell victim to a defrosting gone became waterlogged when a drip pan overflowed and couldn't be saved.

So even in punk rock, that saying about behind every good band is a great woman is true....Anna Statman, punk rocker, musician, A&R guru.

Next week, Punk Turns 30 tribute to punk rock ladies continues with Poison Ivy Rorschach, Patricia Morrison, Debbie Harry and more.

And if you're in Toronto, don't forget to check out the B Girls and other rocking ladies on this Mothers Day on Sunday (tomorrow)
This Mothers' Day
Sunday May 13
50 Blue Jays Way, just below King

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