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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

And the Lady on Drums....

miriam linna

Miriam Linna played drums for The Cramps in 1976-1977, and since 1986 has been one-half of Norton Records with Billy Miller, her husband and band-mate in the A Bones. Miriam is just so cool and just about the kindest person on the face of the earth. She's been deeply involved in so many punk rock things as a writer/zine publisher, musician, record label and fan. Together with Billy, in just the past year, Miriam has been instrumental in bringing back to vinyl, two important musical artists from the 60s: Mary Weiss and The Alarm Clocks. And Miriam has made enough of a dent in the world to have her own entry in the Wikipedia so how's that?

mary weiss with group
Miriam Linna, Billy Miller, the Reigning Sound and Mary Weiss, up on the roof of the recording studio, Brooklyn, NY 2006

Tara Setting up

Tara McManus plays drums in Mr Airplane Man, and is one-third of the Turpentine Brothers with her husband, Justin Hubbard and keyboard player Zack Brines.

Turpentine Bros
Turpentine Brothers

Girls & cars
Mr Airplane Man is Margaret Garrett and Tara McManus. They'll be playing at Goner Fest 4 later this year.

Now back to old school punk. Her name is Becky and she, like her band-mate, Lorna Doom was from Thousand Oaks. You know her as Donna Rhia, the Germs drummer for a brief period of time.

donna rhia 96

Donna Rhia played about three shows with the band, but appears on their important first record, the single, "Forming."

forming 2

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