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Saturday, April 28, 2007

My Fave Punk People

It's no secret that the times I've spent with Stiv Bators and the various guys in his bands, from the Dead Boys, Disconnected, Wanderers, Michael Monroe and Lords of the New Church are among the best times in my life.

Stiv was always in the middle of things, he was an avid conspiracy theorist, practical joker and trouble maker...all with a touch of dry humor. Sure, there were days I would have liked to have beat his wiry little body to within an inch of his life because he could be so exasperating, but all in all, he was one of the best humans to have walked the face of the earth. Musically, he surrounded himself with the very best, ahead-of-their-time people from the late Peter Laughner to David Thomas, Miriam Linna, Chris Marlowe, Kirk Wood and all the fine players in his bands...Jimmy Zero, Jeff Magnum, Johnny Blitz, Frank Secich, George Cabaniss, David Quinton Steinberg, Eddie Best, Jeff Jones, Brian James, Nicky Turner, Dave Tregunna, Dave Parsons, Dean Klevatt, Rick Rock Goldstein and he had so many fans and friends of the bold-faced name variety, from the late Dee Dee Ramone, Joey Ramone, Sid Vicious and John Belushi to the still-going-strong likes of Ian McLagan, Joan Jett and Ric Ocasek. The ladies loved him, and the guys wanted to be like him. But there was only one Stiv.

stiv amst. 85 - 72

Move over Stiv, Punk Turns 30 is giving your lady friends some ink... next up - the girl groups of punk rock.

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