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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Mump a Day: Paul Rutner

paul behind lance live small

At the back of the stage, the man who it was kind of hard to lock focus on due to a constantly frolicking and whirling dervish of a frontman, Lance Loud, was Mumps drummer Paul Rutner.

paul on halloween gray small
Halloween gig at the Starwood, opening for Devo -- note the Jack-o-Lantern in front of the bass drum!

Cool and steady, with a dry sense of humor and overall laconic sensibility, Paul Rutner joined the Mumps after Patti Smith famously stole original drummer, and Santa Barbara-to-NY transplant Jay Dee Daugherty. Paul was also a house guest at the Famous Lobotomy Apartment, home for visiting punk rockers during the winter/spring 1978. He crashed on the couch and witnessed the comings and goings of me, my roommate, her sister, my sister and Pleasant, Kid Congo, Randy Detroit, and the rest of the Lobotomy gang, plus all the LA punk rockers who lived nearby. Maybe Paul should write a book!

Here's a photo tribute to Paul.

rutner on phone
On the phone at Brothers Studio in Santa Monica

rutner studio 2small2

Fun and games with Kevin Kiely

kevin rutner pool table

And last but not least, the arty photo of the day - shot in mirror, with Pleasant highlighted.

tk mirror 1 small plz highlighted

There's Paul, me, Pleasant (highlighted - under the table) and Kevin.

After Mumps, Paul and Kristian played together in The Swinging Madisons. In fact, Kristian just sent me a link to a super cool slide show of Steve Lombardi's photos from New York Rocker which include all your favorite indie musicians from back in the day, including the Swinging Madisons, Kristian and all your faves. Watch it here. Thanks Kristian!

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