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Thursday, April 19, 2007

George Cabaniss

george portrait small

When I first met George Cabaniss, he was playing Cheetah Chrome’s guitar parts in an ever-morphing version of the Dead Boys just before they called it quits in 1979.

george in dead boys small
George on the far left, in striped jacket

Stiv Bators found George in Akron, playing with Hammer Damage, probably the Cleveland/Akron area's BEST punk band, formed from equal parts of former Rubber City Rebels and local heroes. Back in those days, Stiv was referring to George as “Georgie Harrison,” and as you know, the first guitar player in a rock n roll band to bear that moniker just happens to be my favorite Beatle. Reminding me of the Beatle George is a good thing for any musician who does so.

george hears playback small

I can’t say that any one member of the Disconnected band is my favorite…I love each and every one of them equally, because they ARE indeed my brothers. Although, back then, in 1979, I must admit, I would do whatever I had to do in order to spend as much time as possible with George. Luckily for you, decades later, you get all these photos!

airborne george small

Fun in the recording studio...

vocals 2 small

george beer small

and hard work is rewarded.... by beer, sports, and....

george hoops2 small

a good nap.

george sleeping small

After Stiv left his solo career and Disconnected players behind to forge the Lords of the New Church out of the ashes of his own Wanderers (which connected as Sham 69 found they could not be united), George joined forces with Jack Trowbridge, Don May and vocalist Marti Jones and Color Me Gone was born. They released a record on A&M in 1984 (and I still have my copy!).

And then there was a 20-year period during which time I had no idea what George was up to. In 2005, all the Disconnected players reunited in Youngstown, OH to contribute a track to an upcoming Greg Shaw tribute record. That I was actually there in Ohio when it was happening is a testament to Stiv continuing to be the puppet master. I thank him every day for arranging it so all of us could be together in his hometown.


Stay tuned for more from inside "Disconnected," all this week and probably next week too!

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