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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Who Were The Wildcats?

double wildcats web

The Wildcats were fronted by one Gerard Taylor, (top right of the photos) who was also in a punk band before the Wildcats called The Brothel Creepers. I saw the Wildcats a few times, but don't remember a whole lot about them. In the beginning, there was a big buzz about them as young Gerard's dad was the famous Derek Taylor, who was the PR man for the Beatles, Byrds, Mamas & Papas, and others. Gerard also shares another bit of classic rock pedigree with Pink Floyd, of all bands.... both he and Floyd drummer, Nick Mason attended the same boarding school - Frensham Heights, in Surrey. They're both listed as "famous former pupils." Ah, the British Middle Class!

I've asked quite a few pals from back in the day if they remember the Wildcats, Gerard or anything else about them...and unfortunately, no one I've asked can tell me anything I didn't already know. This photo was taken backstage when the Wildcats opened for the Dickies at the Whisky in December of 1977.

Now, the Dickies are overdue for a punkturns30 tribute...which is coming in the next couple days!

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