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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Thanks for Your Support

I have no idea just how many people relate to the punk rockers I've photographed over the years... I know that whenever I've been on the road with a band, we more often than not only had a small handful of people in the audience; we struggled for our gas money and were ever grateful to all the fans the world over who let us sleep on their floors, couches and spare rooms, or let us park our cars and vans in their spaces.

Years later, I learn that many of those bands that struggled have achieved a legendary and iconic status among people who grew up after our own heyday...and then I see my images show up on the myspace profiles of people I don't know, and are half my age... and I gotta say -- I'm glad you can relate to the photos. I'm glad my punk pals have given you something meaningful.

Thanks for your support.

For everyone out there who does pay homage to these punks and their images, it would be great if you'd use these versions of those images - help spread the word!

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