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Friday, March 16, 2007

Inside the Lobotomy Interview

buckler pleasant

In honor of Pleasant's birthday this weekend, I thought I'd share a little bit about the inner workings of the Lobotomy interview.

buckler interview plz anna

Above, you can see Pleasant and Anna Statman (that's her back) in a room at the Continental Hyatt House (Riot House, as rock n roll guests called it) interviewing Rick Bucker, drummer for The Jam. That interview was conducted on my birthday in 1978... so I guess we're kind of doing a full circle thing today.

Notice the spartan decor of the room. Notice the rotary dial phone. Notice the unmade beds. Rick was sharing a room with Bruce Foxton, who showed up at the end of the interview, along with Polydor label promo guy, Len Epand, who stopped for a goofing off photo op with Buckler.

buckler epand

As we approach the anniversary of the Jam, Dickies, Eyes show at the erstwhile Starwood club, I'll post more pictures from that night... the game of darts at the Kings Head pub, more pictures from the double decker bus...

Until then, enjoy the weekend. Happy St. Paddy's day to you Irish and Irish for a day. And Happy Birthday Pleasant!!!

plz phone boothWEB

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open editions card

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant pics of Rick Buckler. Good to see that him and Bruce have got back together and are doing a tour in the UK in May. Looking forward to the gigs. Be great if you could get over to the UK and take some more pics!