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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Idol Days

pleasant loves billy

Its not Licorice Pizza anymore.... this building that sports the sign that reads "PS, PLEASANT LOVES YOU" to a visiting Billy Idol. But it was in the 70s, and its strategic location across the street from the Whisky made it a social hang out.

Some really great in-stores happened there. Like this one below:

idol licorice pizza in-store

You can see Rodney Bingenheimer right behind Billy, and a few photographers are in the frame as well as all the autograph seekers. You can determine the date from the displays - Todd Rundgren and Elvis Costello both have their latest release hung up all over the place... and oddly... they both dated Bebe Buell. Coincidences never cease.

Each day of the fortnight Pleasant and I spent hanging out with Billy Idol began in a car - after all, it was Los Angeles. Here is a rare shot of Billy in a car...rare for me at least, since I almost always was the one driving.

billy idol in the car

There's a great photo that I've titled "Idol Reflection." I've posted it on my portraits site.

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