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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hanging out at KROQ

Penelope Avenger & Rodney

Over the past couple of years, since Punk Turns 30 went online, I've received so many comments and compliments about this photo of the beautiful Penelope Houston of the Avengers at KROQ with Rodney Bingenheimer.

Here are some more photos from that day

plz avengers rory WEB96

Before heading out to the station, Pleasant and I hang with Avengers Jimmy Wilsey and Danny Furious, and Rory Johnston, a friend of ours who had many cool band gigs, the coolest of which was as a road manager for the Sex Pistols. He also worked with Blondie.

wilsey at KROQ web

Jimmy Wilsey, bass player for the Avengers, who went on to play with Chris Isaak as part of the Silvertone band.

avengers at KROQgrayWEB

In this shot, the man closest to Danny Furious the Avengers drummer, over to the right side of the frame, is Billy Bishop, (wearing glasses) an all-around cool guy in the LA Punk Scene. You'll hear more about him soon here, I'm sure.

Rodney on the ROQ gave not only Pleasant, me and by extension, Lobotomy many breaks in what turned out to be our career, but also often gave bands their very first radio airplay.

I've often said that LA Punk was just like high school, with its cliques and what have you...but at the end of the day, I'm glad that Rodney got a star on Hollywood Blvd. Insiders and locals can think whatever they want about the Walk of Fame, but in centuries and millenia to come, if LA doesn't fall into the sea, or if Hollywood doesn't get gentrified to some newer version of hell, someone will look at that star and look into who Rodney was and perhaps discover some cool punk bands at the same time.


Eric said...

My brother tells me that he went to party last fall in Stockholm Sweden and met Danny from the Avengers... and has run into him a couple of times since then.. small world..

riff buttons said...

Thought you might like to hear some cassettes of KROQ from long ago.
Check em out here.