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Saturday, February 03, 2007

February 3

Today, February 3, The Avengers, one of San Francisco's greatest punk bands, play NYC's Bowery Ballroom.

Also in NYC (Brooklyn) The Magnetic Field will have a benefit concert for ? - he of "96 Tears" fame.... whose house burned down. He lost everything, including beloved pets. All proceeds from the door, raffle and bake sale will go to Question Mark to help him rebuild, restore and move on with his life. I've donated a Stiv Bators t-shirt, so if you want one and you're in Brooklyn - here's a chance to get something cool for yourself, and help out a guy who really needs it. It will be a great show - with the A Bones, Muck & the Mires, Great Gaylord and host/emcee, the inimitable Doc Rock himself, Lenny Kaye.

On this day in history....

1959 - The Day The Music Died: A plane crash kills rock-and-roll performers Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and The Big Bopper.

Bob Dylan 1974

1961 - Bob Dylan makes his first recording, taping ``San Francisco Bay Blues'' in New York.

1967 - Joe Meek, pioneering British record producer ("Telstar" by the Tornados/1962) and songwriter who was obsessed with Buddy Holly killed his landlady and then himself with a single barrel shotgun on this date, the eighth anniversary of Holly's death.

1967 - Jimi Hendrix records "Purple Haze."

Leonard Graves Phillips

1978 - in the world of Los Angeles Punk Rock - The Dickies and the Wildcats played a three-night stand at the Whisky, February 2-4
(although the photo of Leonard Graves Phillips, above was taken at the Starwood)
The Wildcats were led by one young Englishman called Gerard Taylor. His father was Derek Taylor, the legendary PR man for the Byrds, Beatles, Mamas and Papas and the Monterey Pop Festival.

1979 - LA Punk Rock - Young Marquis, The Punks, The Brainiacs, Dell & the Sensations, Levi & the Rockats at the New Masque, February 3

Levi Dexter (second from left, with the rockabilly hair) was the British leader of the Rockats, a rockabilly/punk band that had a couple years on the Stray Cats, and this was a big part of punk rock - roots and rockabilly - and it really did set the stage for Brian Setzer, Slim Jim Phantom and Lee Rocker. Although the rockabilly punk boys from Massapequa , NY had to go to England to make it - doing the reverse of what Levi Dexter had done before them.

February 3 is Lee Ranaldo's birthday (Sonic Youth). Maybe instead of celebrating being older than even me, he'll go to Magnetic Field and help the ? cause. or not.

If YOU want to help ? out in his time of need, here's the Official Question Mark Benefit myspace page and's LINK to the 96 Tears Fund.

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