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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Blondes Have More Fun?

idol hair

Billy Idol, best blonde punk hair ever!


Maybe that hair color slogan is right. Check out the fabulous blonde punks who took the look to the top of the charts, or at least top of the heart-throb lists.

Belinda backstage

She's so punk here, and flirted with red hair too.... Belinda Carlisle

Debbie Harry, 1978

The ultimate blonde, of course, Blondie's Debbie Harry.

One of the original girl group legends, blonde and punk-tuff before her time, Mary Weiss the original lead singer of the Shangri Las

Billy Miller, Mary Weiss & Greg Cartwright

She has a new album on its way to your favorite record store in a month's time.

The Nuns from San Francisco had their own blonde bombshell, Jennifer Miro.

jennifer NUNS

And of course, San Francisco's favorite daughter, Penelope Houston of the Avengers, whose blonde locks worked in both long and spiky mode.

avengers BW

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