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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Avengers Hit the Road

avengers BW

Here they are in their heyday - San Francisco, 1977/78 - The Avengers whipping a crowd into a fury.

This weekend, the Avengers treat New York to their brand of California punk rock and then take off for Europe. You can find their tour dates on their website or on their myspace page.

Who's in the 2007 Avengers? Here's who was kicking it in 2005

Penelope Houston, vox (original Avenger)
Greg Ingraham, guitar (original Avenger)
Joel Reader, bass and vox (The Plus Ones, MTX, and scAvengers)
Luis Illades, drums (The Plus Ones, Pansy Division)

Regardless of who's playing with her, there are few front people more riveting than Penelope Houston. Want to see and hear the real thing? Check their tour dates, check em out.

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