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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Lobotomy Night at the Whisky

lobotomy night whisky signWEB

Lobotomy the brainless magazine was put together in Pleasant's bedroom, and photocopied at Charlie Chan in Gower Gulch. The "camera-ready" magazine was held together by tape and none of the photos were half-toned, and we manually staped it together. Its cover price went from 75 cents to a dollar and Pleasant distributed it herself, with either Randy or me driving to those stores that sold it, from the long gone Licorice Pizza (conveniently across the street from the Whisky) and the indie record and boutique stores on Melrose.

We felt the need to do benefits for the zine - since the cover price couldn't exactly support the cost of printing it - and it was just the right thing to do -- and we did so at the Whisky. Pleasant and I both worked there (though at different times doing different things) and Elmer Valentine, the Whisky's owner was game, so Lobotomy hosted a couple nights at the Whisky during its sporadic lifetime (the zine's sporadic lifetime, that is) and here are a few pictures from those nights.

lobotomy night 1 - web

X on Lobotomy Night

diane chai - web

whisky ad lobotomy 2

darby for robot BW
Patricia Morrison - The Bags

CU plz randy
Randy Detroit and Pleasant Gehman, in San Francisco

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