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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Kristian Hoffman

xtian guitar kevin-WEB

Most of you reading this know Kristian Hoffman as the songwriting-keyboard playing musical director of Mumps, or as the keyboard playing-musical director for such talented vocalists ranging from the late Klaus Nomi to current day chanteuses Ann Magnuson, Carolyn Edwards, Abby Travis as well as essential musician in bands from his own Swingin Madisons to bonafide rock god and inventor of distorted feedback, Dave Davies.... so why is he not pictured behind a keyboard here?

Kristian Hoffman is quite frankly, a genius artist and renaissance man. I just wanted to show you images of him rocking out with Mumps!

xtian guitar 2web

Kristian is also an accomplished and distinguished artist - as in the kind of guy who draws and designs. Take a look around your book and record collection and you might just see his name.... start with the New York Dolls debut album inner sleeve...

What can I say about Kristian? Just go discover his amazing career! Click his name above and check out his website.

One of my favorite records of recent years is Kristian's "&" -- that would be ampersand. Its a collection of duets Kristian did with likes of Russell Mael from Sparks, Stew from The Negro Problem, the aforementioned Ann Magnuson, Rufus Wainwright, Maria McKee, Darian Sahanaja of the Wondermints (who is also vocal director and keyboardist for the Brian Wilson "Smile" tour, album and DVD), Michael Quercio of The Jupiter Affect and the Three O'clock, Steve MacDonald of Redd Kross, Anna Waronker, Lydia Lunch , Abby Travis, plus a performance by Paul "Pee Wee Herman" Reubens and beautiful string arrangements by pop genius Van Dyke Parks.

I call my life-long friend Kristian a genius just as easily as everyone else calls Van Dyke Parks and Brian Wilson "genius." He's right in that category. Kristian, like those geniuses who started recording before he did, was also always ahead of his time, but with his finger directly on the pulse of true greatness and cool.

Kristian Hoffman. Click it and enter a world of musical genius!

xtian eating diptyck web
lunch with Kristian at the long-gone location of Duke's @ the Tropicana
Duke's is still around - its next door to the Whisky A Go Go

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