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Monday, January 29, 2007


who are these guys

Some people think that backstage is where its at, and they try whatever clever lines they've got out on the security guys to gain entry. Sometimes, there is a party going on, and you'd want to be there. Other times, its just like this picture.... hazy and drunk, with people sticking together in their own little groups just like it was anywhere else.

wilsey and guitar backstage

Most of the time, I've just seen guys changing guitar strings and waiting to go on stage, just like these Avengers boys are doing.

Blondie, B-Girls, Bingenheimer Backstage

Of course, sometimes, the Mayor of the Sunset Strip could show up at your gig, and so could your favorite recording artist, who then turns around and asks you to sing back up on the record she's working on right now...
The B Girls surround Rodney Bingenmheiner, Debbie Harry and Nigel Harrison from Blondie, and Sabel Starr

London Punks in Los Angeles

Finally, its always great when friends from back home pop by to say hello. If you're a London punk, that friend from home could be a Sex Pistol...
Paul Cook and Viv Albertine of the Slits

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