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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Unguarded Moments

Belinda backstage

Some of my favorite images are the ones where the subjects didn't know they were being photographed, like The Joneses in the photo behind Belinda Carlisle, backstage at the Whisky.

penelope sally

Or were totally at ease in their environment and didn't really care that there was a camera in their midst. Penelope Avenger and Sally Mutant, backstage in San Francisco.

nancy nagler

Just a fly on the wall...Joan Jett's kitchen, where she and Billy Idol are chatting, provides the backdrop for something I always thought was a frame from a cinema verite of "Party on San Vicente," a fake movie in my head that I see all the time when I go through my slides and negatives. Nancy "Nitro" Nagler is in the foreground, smoking a cigarette, and the winsome strawberry blonde seated on the right of the frame is Lisa Curland, who was Joan's roommate on San Vicente.

Kent Smythe

Kent Smythe, whom I know through Joan and Lisa, caught unawares, just sitting around being Kent.

The Airport Incident

And finally, one of my favorite "unguarded moments" - this one where everyone is checking everyone except the person with the camera.

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