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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Then and Now

Real punk rock brats, yes... Georgie Harrison and David Quinton - as they were known back then when they were members of a transitional Dead Boys and morphed into Stiv's solo band that we refer to as the Disconnected Band. This is
from a set of outtakes from the Disconnected album cover photo sessions. If you have the record, you've seen the portraits, all very punk rock and stern. Then there's this! Even more punk rock!

And here they are, so sweet and charming... heartbreakers and flirts. No wonder Bebe Buell hung around so much.

David (on the right) is only 18 in these photos. Stiv likes to say that he made a man out of him.

Fast forward 25 years, from Los Angeles to Youngstown, Ohio. Older, wiser, but just as charming....


David Steinberg and George Cabaniss. Sorry guys - the fluorescent lights of the recording studio front room are not the studio-lit thing I brought to the basketball court in Sun Valley.... but, there you go.

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