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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Stiv Takes a Picture

stiv amst. 85 - 72

This is Stiv in the Jupiter Hotel in Amsterdam. We flew over from London to visit our friend, the NY-born, jet-setting chanteuse, Roxanne Fontana who was living in Amsterdam at the time making music (she lives in the UK these days with her husband, Mat Treiber, and their daughter Suki). Roxanne showed us her local hangs and we ended up eating at McDonald's anyway....

At the time, Stiv had just started Lords of the New Church, built from the remains of the Wanderers, plus some London heavyweights - Brian James from The Damned, and Nicky Turner from the Barracudas. Stiv and I both had our own apartments - but our living arrangements were kind of fluid... at one time, he, Michael Monroe (Hanoi Rocks) and their cats and I were all roommates in one of our apartments (they spent more time "getting ready" in the bathroom than I did)....I lived for a summer in the Portobello Hotel and at various points we lived in Old Church Street and in Ravenscourt Rd. in Hammersmith. I have no idea how we afforded any of this...except that the dollar was pretty strong against the pound back then in the pre-EEC days.

wanderers at malibu

Here are the Wanderers and Stiv's girlfriend at the time, Stacy, and Che Zuro of the Orchids, on the deck of a house in Malibu...a house right next to a rumored flying saucer landing spot... or so Stiv said.

Before leaving Malibu, Stiv showed me his new look:

Gothic Stiv

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