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Thursday, December 21, 2006

More Mayhem With Stiv and Dee Dee

The most chaotic rock n roll shows I have ever seen since I started seeing rock n roll shows in 1968 have to be those starring either Stiv Bators and the Dead Boys or Dee Dee Ramone. Put those two guys together, and you have mayhem as well as chaos. This Dead Boys photo is the last I have where Johnny Blitz is on drums... just a few months later, David Quinton would be filling that seat.

And those few months later, when Stiv was recording his solo album, "Disconnected" in Los Angeles, there was a constant parade of well-wishers in the studio, ranging from Greg Shaw on whose Bomp label the record would be released, to various ladies like Bebe Buell, photographers and friends like me, David Arnoff, Chris Marlowe, and musicians and local notables like Kim Fowley, whose contributions can be heard on the Bomp release, "L.A.,L.A." which features all kinds of interesting tracks Stiv and crew recorded (and featuring photos by yours truly).

stiv dee mayhem

In Los Angeles, making mayhem with Dee Dee Ramone.

stiv dee backstage 2fixedSMALL

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