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Friday, December 08, 2006

Darby Crash, RIP

the whole joan billy party

It was on this date, December 8, in 1980, that Darby Crash was discovered dead from a heroin overdose. While a crushing tragic blow to his friends, family and fans in his hometown of Los Angeles, his death was overshadowed by the assassination of John Lennon in front of his home on the evening of December 8.

Darby is pictured above in the group shot of a party at Joan Jett's apartment. Taken in May, 1978 at a party Joan hosted for the visiting English punk star, Billy Idol. Darby is the first profile on the right side of the photo - his hair is dark . You can see Lorna Doom on his right - and of course Joan, Pleasant, and Billy are in the center.

Of course, most people know and have the record that Joan produced for the Germs, GI.

Everyone has their own memories about the departed Darby, so I leave you with a photo from July 1977, a show at the Whisky A Go Go - so much frenzy on stage that it seems the only thing moving slower than Darby at the moment I snapped this was the splash back from the beer the threw off stage.

darby live whiskyBWweb72

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