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Saturday, December 02, 2006

1977, OK?

Iggy Pop
April 1977, Santa Monica Civic Auditorium

It was pandemonium....David Bowie was playing keyboards in Iggy's band and if Iggy's reputation as an amazing live performer wasn't enough to bring in the crowd, then Bowie's superstar status was. Everyone from the back rushed the stage; those of us who had tickets in the rows close to the stage jumped up on to our seats. I'm surprised I got any shots in focus because I was wobbling so was all so exciting!

Blondie opened... I remember seeing Joan Jett backstage along with a whole lot of other locals, friends and celebrated people. Iggy's show was the show to see that night... and it was a great week for live music.... also playing that week around town: Television, the Damned, Procol Harum, The Jam.... 1977 was THE YEAR it all happened. Did we know it? You bet we did!

Joan Jett & Nigel Harrison
Here's Joan with Blondie bassist Nigel Harrison.

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