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Monday, November 20, 2006

Toronto Punk Reunion November 25!


The Mods, you knew them, you loved they're back.... for one night only in their original incarnation!


They'll be playing (and so will The B-Girls) at Toronto's Horshoe Tavern on Saturday, November 25. So.... what inspires this reunion? Back in 1978, The Horseshoe Tavern held its final punk rock show and a movie was made commemorating it: The Last Pogo. The Mods were one of the bands that appeared... and filmmaker Colin Brunton is revisiting this event in a cinematic (think: Michael Apted/7-Up) way. You can follow the project's progress on their website.

The Mods, and their drummer, David Quinton, made such an impression on that expert pioneering punk rocker Stiv Bators, that before you knew it, the young Quinton (yes, he was just 18!) was on the road with the Dead Boys filling in for the departed-by-attrition Johnny Blitz, who coincidentally lives near Toronto these days....

David Quinton & Thom Wilson

Then and now pix of Mods drummer David above (in striped t-shirt with producer Thom Wilson, who cut his teeth on the Stiv solo album, "Disconnected," only to go on to fame and certain fortune producing records for some big $ earners including the Offspring) and below.


Kick-start the holiday season with some vintage pop punk!

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