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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New Jack Oblivian Record Out Now!

Click here to buy it NOW from Sympathy From The Record Industry.

Jack Oblivian is not just Memphis's Most Valuable Player...he's an essential for anyone who simply loves good music.

Listen to a couple selections over at the Official Jack Oblivian myspace page.... you will surely be convinced....

Loose Diamonds, 2

There are some familiar players on the record..... Harlan T. Bobo and King Louie make an appearance as do various members of the Tearjerkers, Jack's usual band.

Terence and Jack

Mark Sultan makes an appearance as well...


There's a fantastic duet with Margaret Garret of Mr Airplane Man, who also did a stint with the Tearjerkers while she lived in Memphis.

Margaret & Tara
Mr Airplane Man, Margaret and Tara

Essential listening!!!

I've been living with the record for many months, so I'm comfortable and familiar with it.... its got a great dirty sound, comparable to the Rolling Stones' Exile on Main Street in that it reflects a bunch of players hanging out making music as it comes to them, rather than figuring out what their next move is.

What I like about Jack's music and his approach to it is that he understands and embraces his strengths and knows how to work with his limitations... he also has a remarkable and keen ear for covers... he dug up "Chills and Fever" and "Night Owl," both great songs with a great feel and gives them his own treatment. That "Chills and Fever" is just fantastic and sultry. I like the way he uses his voice and applies it... he's like Iggy or Lou Reed on any number of lithe and muscular growlers, like "Hong Kong Girl"... and on the other hand, he's got a sweet touch...when he's singing about "Black Boots" he summons up Billy Joe Royal's honest, earnest voice from the 60s hit, "Down in the Boondocks" ...

He's one artist who can interpret his own phenomenal record collection without recording an homage... he's an artist whose influence is not so much on his sleeve, but inherent in his blood.

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