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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Look What I Found!

David & Syl
New York Dolls David Jo & Syl Sylvain will play in Glasgow later this month.

Well, actually, they found me! The Punk News and Punk Calendar!

Here's what they have to say about what's going on in October (this is a straight lift from their page - which is great for me because I am in the throes of preparing to start cutting a film on Monday and won't have the nifty new photos from GonerFest 3 back for several days):

Oct 2006 6th October Elvis Costello play Speedway Meadows in San Francisco. 8th October Anti Flag play in Auckland, New Zealand. 12th October The legacy of legendary DJ John Peel will be remembered with a day of gigs across the UK .The date marks the second anniversary of John's last broadcast for the BBC. 14th October The Stranglers finish a UK tour at 53 Degrees Preston. 15th October The Horrors in Astoria NME ROCK N RIOT TOUR hits London. 20th October The New York Dolls land in Ireland and play Dublin. 22nd October Anti Flag play in Tokyo Japan. 22nd October The New York Dolls land in England and play London. Billy Talent play a major U.S. fall tour starting 23rd October Lake Buena Vista, Florida at House of Blues. 25th October The New York Dolls play Liverpool. 26th October The New York Dolls land in Scotland and play Glasgow. 30th October The Clash release all 19 singles in a box set on CD and vinyl, look out for the extras with contributions from Damon Albarn, Pete Townshend and Irvine Welsh.

Check out that punk news and calendar site. Don't forget 1976!

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