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Monday, October 09, 2006

Girl Group Punk Attitude

MW and RS

The Shangri-La's were the girl group with the sassy punk attitude... from their songs to their fun loving behavior...and the fact that they hung it up while they were still teenagers and at the top of their game.

Mary Weiss is making her comeback with an album scheduled for 2007 with The Reigning Sound as the band. Bandleader, songwriter, and co-producer, Greg Cartwright, has quite a punk pedigree as a member of the Oblivians, who did punk right in the 90s.

I dropped in on them over the summer just to snap this picture and others you can see on Mary's myspace page.

The Mary Weiss album will be released by Norton, and Norton co-head honcho Billy Miller is co-producing this gem. Check out their pages and build up your anticipation!

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