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Friday, September 29, 2006

moving in memphis time

This is the weekend that Goner Fest 3 is taking place. Things move at a completely different pace in Memphis. I caught some band practice when I arrived...

Here are the Brand New Love Affairs, the new Scott Rogers project featuring (as pictured) Jack Yarber (Oblivians, Compulsive Gamblers, Tearjerkers, etc), Roman Aul (Redondo Beat), Scott Rogers himself and Tyler Keith (Neckbones, Preachers Kids, etc).

They sure did rock... so if you find yourself in Memphis this weekend, drop by the Buccaneer on Saturday afternoon to catch this brand new band. Later that evening at the Hi Tone, you can catch Jack's solo band and many more bands such as Final Solutions, Cheveux (from France!), Cococomas, Live Fast Die, and the amazing Viva L'American Death Ray (pictured individally below)

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