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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Got a Crystal Ball?

The Cramps Crystal Gazing

Some people say that the punk rock music explosion was bound to happen... that rock n roll was bloated and boring... I think there was a corporate rock that grew more bloated as punk got itself on the radar...punk really just kicked disco out of the headlines... even though the Bee Gees form of dance music continued to bring them much success.

So - now that punk rock is pretty much accepted by the mainstream...what is gonna kick our ass in the future? Seriously.... I want to know. Do you have any ideas?

Even though my pictures capture something that some people consider a scene, its really like I was Forrest Gump. This was the stuff that was happening amongst my friends. Did I like it? Yes! Did I think it was great? Lots of it was great and still holds up!

A great big chapter in punk rock is closing. The only words that bear any relevance to the closing of CBGB to me are those of Lenny Kaye, guitarist for Patti Smith, a scribe, a very kind man and a human encyclopedia of all kinds of music. Read what he has to say in this week's Village Voice, and pick up a copy if you can.......the Dead Boys are on the cover.

Stiv Bators Live

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