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Friday, September 15, 2006

Gearing Up for Goner Fest 3

I have been to Memphis a few times...but nothing compares to the week+ I spent there last Fall during Goner Fest 2. In ten days, I'm getting on a plane bound for Memphis and Goner Fest 3! Last year, Goner Store owners Eric and Zac hosted an exhibit of Punk Turns 30, complete with a hot dog cook out. It was a great way to usher in the Autumn.

Every face in this montage represents a band that's playing. From top left, Scott Rogers will showcase his Brand New Love Affairs... will they wear ruffled shirts? Goner owners Zac and Eric are pictured... you know Zac fronts Final Solutions and Eric is a Dutch Master, a True Son of Thunder, and he will never be able to live down his Oblivians moniker and history. And why should he! Look at the culture they spawned. Royal Pendletons Matt on the left, and Mike Hurtt on the right flank Viva L'American Death Ray's Nicholas Ray (not the guy who directed Rebel Without a Cause, although this Nick Ray has dabbled in the art of film), T-Money represents River City Tanlines in this montage, and pictured with Mike Hurtt is the fabulous Angry Angle Alix. Rockin Enocky from Japan will be making an appearance at Goner Fest... for those of you who may have missed his recent post-Ponderosa Stomp performance and/or Goner in-store.... and on the bottom row... Jack Oblivian, who will close the nighttime festivities on the third night... in the next photo, Harlan T. Bobo, who will perform at the Goner Store on Sunday morning while you nurse your hangovers with Memphis Mary... Harlan is also a member of Death Ray and is playing with Jack O. Front and center in the final photo is King Louie, who will once again ring the starting bell of the festival with his inimitable one-man-band performance in the Goner Store. His new Black Rose Band will also perform.

Click the link above, or visit Goner Records website for more info on Goner Fest is the place to be!

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