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Friday, September 01, 2006

The Final Weekend of Summer

Labor Day Weekend is the sort of sentimental end of summer, even though the actual first day of Autumn isn't until September 22 of this year. But kids are already back in school and vacations have come to an end and people are beginning to get back on the work track rather than the leisure track. So, I will leave you with photos of punk rock "it girls" in their best swim wear. These are images you know well - The Pandoras and L.A. Punk Rock's leading lady, Pleasant Gehman, as she appeared on the double-picture sleeved single by surf music's leading purveyors, The Ventures - who are doing a Go Go's cover, "Surfin & Spyin'."

Have a terrific weekend. Drive safely and have some fun at the beach!
My Pandoras Picture Sleeve

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