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Friday, August 25, 2006

Big Rock N Roll Weekend


This weekend in Los Angeles's uber hip neighborhood of Silverlake, The Cramps, Redd Kross and Dave Alvin play the 26th annual Sunset Junction Street Fair. (click for address/time/full line-up, etc)

That music fest has been going on for much longer than Silverlake has been hipster heaven, although when I first went to a Sunset Junction function - in about 1983, with one of the "artists" who was on the label I worked for (Island - and it was Malcolm McLaren), Silverlake seemed plenty hip and forward thinking even back then. Of course, back in 83/84, because Malcolm McLaren was doing an early version of hip hop, I thought that trend/genre was gonna die an early death. I couldn't have been more wrong!

The Cramps

If you're in New York City, in the uber hip borough of Brooklyn, in the even hipper neighborhood of Williamsburg, stop on by Passout Record Shop for an afternoon/early evening of all out rock n roll of the garage/punk variety, featuring locals Ghetto Ways, Coy Dogs, ICU and Gulag, who are 19-year-olds from Queens kicking it out Stooges style.

By the way, hearty congrats go out to my pals, ICU as they will be opening for the Avengers at CBGB on Friday, September 8 - its early, so don't miss it!

Who are the Coy Dogs, you may ask? It's Joey and Nick, formerly of the Star Spangles and Darien from the Witnesses, so that means these boys do know how to rock!

joey coy dog

nick coy dog

How do you get there?

131 Grand Street (btwn Berry and Wythe)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
(718) 384-7273

Have a great weekend.

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