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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Punk Hair Cuts

Would you believe that the search engine topic that brings hordes of people to this site is not "punk rock" or any of the punk icons featured here - such as The Ramones, Stiv Bators, Dead Boys, or anyone else - but "punk haircuts." That's right. Every once in a while, I'll look at this site's statistics and find that the last 100 or so people who found it were looking for photos of "punk haircuts."

The lady on the far right side of this photo is Connie Clarksville, hairdresser to the LA punk rock stars. She did the coiffures of everyone in this photo - Pleasant, Belinda Carlisle, and Dave Alvin.

I've shown you photos of punk hair cuts before, I know --- but for all the newcomers, here is a punk hair cut fashion show just for you!

London Punks in Los Angeles

Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook with his spiky 'do and Slits guitarist Viv Albertine with her punky reggae dreads are just two styles that UK punks sported.

Penelope Avenger & Rodney

California versions of the spiky 'do on Penelope Houston of the Avengers and on KROQ music innovator and "Mayor of the Sunset Strip," Rodney Bingenheimer.


Let us not forget a funny photo opportunity all about haircuts with the man with the absolute best spiky hair: Billy Idol.

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