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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

How Did We Pull It Off?

Here's half of Lobotomy, the brainless magazine, founder Pleasant, with man-about-town, Kid Congo Powers. Missing from this shot are co-founder Randy Detroit and art director Brad Dunning. As the photog and driver, I'm always in the shot because I took it! Ha!

Anyway, I'm just sitting here on a library computer where I have but 60 minutes per day access to the internet - can't find no free wi fi where I am on my travels.... and it just got me to thinking HOW DID WE PULL IT OFF? Back in the 70s, we TYPED Lobotomy out! We cut up photos and pasted them on to our "layouts"---- it was so lo-fi and DIY, but it was the only way we knew how to do it. We took the pages to Charlie Chan's copy shop and then we stapled them together ourselves.... today - every magazine in the world that I know of is put together through computer aided design and emailed or FTP'd to the printer.... it feels like something's missing.... the footwork, I guess.

Anyway.... its 2006 and even though technology is all around me, I am waiting for my email to appear on my cumbersome webmail client.... this going-to-the-library thing makes me want to go out and protest all this war bs and demand funds be re-directed where they belong: schools and libraries. One thing I remember from the first Gulf War.... one Scud missile was equal to about a dozen public libraries general operating funds....

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