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Monday, July 03, 2006

City of Los Angeles, Made in Mexico

I find it quirkily appropriate to share this photo today...

Together with two other photographers - Dawn Wirth and Jenny Lens - I will be sitting on a panel discussing our youth and taking pictures of punks at the Don't Knock the Rock Film Festival at 2:30 PM, Monday July 3.

"City of Los Angeles, Made in Mexico" aptly describes two dear punk rock friends of mine....Kid Congo Powers and Jeffrey Lee Pierce. If you have nothing else planned, why don't you plan on checking out "Ghost on the Highway," the long-awaited documentary about the Gun Club. It will make an encore performance on Monday night AND various members of the Gun Club will perform afterwards....Kid Congo, Ward Dotson, Terry Graham and guest vocalists.

Kid is proudly Mexican - hell, his solo album is called Solo Cholo! and Jeffrey is famously a "half breed," as he used to refer to himself and me...Jeff was half Chicano.... well, hear Kid talk about it in the movie. Because Don't Knock the Rock is what you're doing Monday, isn't it?

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