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Monday, June 26, 2006

Save the Date

If you live in LA, or if you are visiting during the upcoming long holiday weekend, you're in for a treat! On June 29, Don't Knock the Rock opens - this is a film and music festival being held in downtown LA at the Redcat Theatre.

"Ghost on the Highway," the much-anticipated documentary about Jeffrey Lee Pierce and the Gun Club opens the Festival on the 29th, followed by a performance of Gun Club members, Terry Graham, Ward Dotson, and my life-long friend, Kid Congo Powers.

Before the movie, there will be a slide show culled from the work of yours truly, Dawn Wirth and Jenny Lens. We were all there when this stuff called LA Punk blew up in front of us.

Then, on Monday, July 3 at 2:30 PM at the same Redcat Theatre, Festival founder and filmmaker extraordinaire Allison Anders together with actor/musician Michael Des Barres will lead a panel discussion of we three punk rock chicks with cameras. This panel is free! And its open to the general public, not just people with Film Festival tickets or passes.

So, please come, cheer us on, give us moral support, ask us questions, or yes.... make fun of us. But be there!

The photo here of Diane Chai of the Alley Cats is one of the 58 photos I've put into my portion of the slide show. I put the slide show together while I was on the road, so I'm not showing a whole lot of stuff.... but I hope you enjoy what I've included. The wonderful Scott Moore turned my desktop slideshow into a DVD slideshow since he's a genius and I'm a traveling klutz. He's not a punk rocker, but do check him out. He's cool.

So, you're marking your calendars for June 29 - July 3. Its a holiday weekend, gas is expensive. Stay in LA and see some movies!

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