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Monday, June 12, 2006

Punk is Alive and Well in Canada

Jeff Demons Claws

This disheveled young man, Jeff of Montreal's Demons Claws is the 00's face of punk. Demons Claws and their associate, BBQ, with whom some of Demons Claws join to perform as Mind Controls have been rolling through America and Europe like a ball of fire for the past year. At the Blackout in Chicago just a couple weeks ago, Mind Controls conjured up both the Dils and Sid Vicious!

Pat Meteor and BBQ
Pat Meteor/Demons Claws and BBQ

Ysael and his money
Ysael Pepin of Demons Claws/Mind Controls

There will be a new Demons Claws album on In the Red later this year.

Until I get all my Demons Claws photos developed, I recommend checking out those of my friend, Chicago-based punk rocker and photographer, canderson -- his work from the Blackout is superb. We stood next to each other on a couple of nights. I love watching him work!

Finally.... just making sure that you in LA mark your calendars for June 29 - July 3, when the Don't Knock the Rock Film Festival takes place. The bands are amazing, the films are amazing, and you will see some vintage punk rock photos from yours truly and two of my fellow LA Women photographers throw down a slide show with rare and celebrated photos of your favorite old school punks. The event is also the beginning of Punk Turns 30's 2006 tour. We are remembering those are no longer with us... and if you want to get in on getting some very limited edition t-shirts of two of those this now

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