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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Don't Leave Me Hangin' On the.....

This goofy photo of original Blondie member and keyboard player, Jimmy Destri was taken backstage at a gig they did, opening for the Kinks in 1978. This particular show was in San Diego - in July, though I'm no longer certain of the exact date.

Pleasant, Kid Congo, Randy Detroit and I drove down to Tijuana earlier in the day for some fun and games and returned for the Blondie/Kinks show.

Although it was 1978, Blondie were still promoting their first two albums, as Parallel Lines had yet to be released. They were working hard, always on the road. Opening shows for the Kinks was not just a great break - but lots of fun for those of who admire the Kinks.

Davies brothers Ray and Dave had separate sides of backstage for themselves... it was one of those periods... but they put on a great show regardless of their signature sibling spats.

Maybe we should have given this prop rope to the Davies...who knows what kind of photo opportunities could have become of that?

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