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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

England's Dreaming

On this date in history, 1979 - the Sex Pistols had been broken up for 16 months but one of their nightmares came true: Margaret Thatcher was elected as Great Britain's first female Prime Minister. Labour was out, and the Tories were in. Boo-hiss. It marked the beginning of the end of many things... like the GLC (Greater London Council), being able to simply go on the dole - The Tories winning campaign slogan was "Labour Isn't Working."

Our old pal, Dave Tregunna aka "Kermit" from Sham 69 and later the Wanderers and Lords of the New Church was happily on the dole for ages. Under the Tories, he was forced - and I MEAN FORCED to get some training. He learned how to teach computer skills to people. Too bad the Tories didn't let him give music lessons!

On an American icon note: Today is boxing champ Sugar Ray Robinson's birthday - the US Postal service made a stamp in his honor!

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