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Friday, May 05, 2006

Cinco de Mayo!

Los Angeles Punk was bolstered by the contributions of Mexicans and doubt about it.

Perhaps the most iconic LA punk band is The Bags who were fronted by the lovely Latina, Alice Bag. And if you click on her hot-linked name, you will be transported to her site and can see a magnificent collection of memories from the early days of punk and some beautiful touches of Mexican-inspired art in the flyers and on her pages.

Famous for being cool and beautiful, warm and welcoming, Trudie of the Plungers is of Mexican descent, and a wonderful keeper of the LA punk flame in more ways than you can imagine.

The Brats, Los Plugz and the Zeroes were just a few more of the bands with members of Mexican descent. Kid Congo is proudly Cholo,

Pleasant & Kid Congo Powers

and Jeffrey Lee Pierce was half Mexican.

Jeffrey Lee Pierce, 1980

Dickies had Karlos Kaballero, Plimsouls had Eddie Munoz

Eddie Munoz, far left

There were Los Lobos and Los Illegals. Pleasant who is not Mexican but could pull off a great Frida Kahlo look was flanked in the Screamin' Sirens by Rosie Flores, and in San Francisco, The Nuns featured Alejandro Escovedo of the musical Escovedo family.

There are a lot more and I'm sorry if I've completely spaced on not named them. Let's play some good old LA punk rock as we celebrate Cinco de Mayo and Mexican freedom. Viva La Punk!

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Andrew said...

Nice homage to the latino influence of punk. Black Flag (the second iteration) had a few latino members too.

AC @ bloggedy blog, where I link to this post.