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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

More 90's Punk Rock

Pre-dating the more famous White Stripes with that primitive guitar/drums/screaming like a banshee duo thing was Bantam Rooster led by Tom Potter and various drummers over the Rooster's lifespan.

Pure genius, if you ask me - all bad ass attitude (after all, they've got an album called "Fuck All Y'All") and good dirty noise and a fiery, comic live performance. I pity the soul who never caught live Bantam Rooster.

Tom Potter was also in my favorite line-up of the Dirtbombs, playing fuzz baritone guitar instead of the bass, offering zany stage banter and comic relief to Mick Collins's ultra-coolness...he was the perfect foil.

The producer genius who made the live Rooster sound just as good on vinyl and CD is none other than Jim Diamond of Ghetto Recorders, pictured here at his throne.

Jim Diamond

Just last month, it was my distinct pleasure to be graced by the company of Messrs Potter and Diamond at the same time in good old Detroit Rock City. They'd just finished working on tracks for Mike Walker's new band, Cuckold. That's some really dirty, sleazy stuff. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for that...

Mike Walker

Mike Walker

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