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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Joan Jett

Tonight, Joan Jett is playing a benefit show in the California desert. Just talking about her with old friends last night made me think about how different life was back in the old 70s punk days. Pleasant and I would just drop in on Joan at her place on San Vicente whenever we felt like it. And so did Stiv.
In Joan Jett's Bedroom

Joan was always one of my favorite party pals, and a great host.

Jett Idol

Let's not forget that Joan also was incredibly gifted at churning out the rock and identifying talent. She did produce The Germs, let's not forget!


And, through her own label, Blackheart Records, Joan gives new talent a chance. She's spawned a couple generations of great girl guitar slingers too.

Don't forget to listen to Joan on the radio - she does a shift on Sirius on the Underground Garage Channel, 25, where she shares the airwaves with some other cool DJ's: Andrew Loog Oldham, The Mighty Manfred, Ko, Handsome Dick Manitoba, Bill Kelly and Kim Fowley, who goes way back to 1975 or so with Joan and the Runaways.

Don't forget that its Daylight Savings Time. You will LOSE an hour of sleep - set your clocks AHEAD tonight before you go to sleep...

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