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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Vernal Equinox

Sex Pistols

March 21 is the Vernal Equinox - the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and it's also Gary Oldman's birthday. Even though he's a big movie star (he's in not one but two Harry Potter movies, played a villain against Clint much bigger does it get?), I loved his portrayal of Sid Vicious in "Sid & Nancy." I wish him many happy returns and want to reiterate what I told him many years ago when we sat next to each other at Madison Square Garden for the indoor leg of U2's Zoo TV tour, just a couple days before his birthday...."Chattahooche blew me away." If you don't know that movie, check it out.

"Sid & Nancy" wasn't easy to watch. When you know someone, its difficult to see an actor portray them. I knew Sid because he was a great fan and a good friend of Stiv's. Sid loved to hang out with Stiv and hear all about American punk rock first hand. Sometimes, I happened to be around when they were hanging out. While we were completely aware that Sid was quite notorious and famous in our minds, Sid really did flip the tables, being such a big fan of Stiv' was a mutual admiration society.

Stiv & Sabel Starr

Today's birthday boy, Gary Oldman did Sid justice. For starters, they're the same age, have the same cultural reference points growing up in London. And Gary is the consummate actor - he was emaciated and pale, captured Sid's dazed and confused but really sweet demeanor. And many years later, he would portray Beethoven. I couldn't think of better musical biopic bookends for one actor to play!

Happy Birthday in peace, Sid, Stiv and Nancy.

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