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Monday, March 13, 2006

A Tale of Two 1978's

In 1978, there were two very different things happening in the world of popular music.

Topping the radio charts were the Bee Gees with "Night Fever," the third consecutive Number One Single from the soundtrack to "Saturday Night Fever." Although "Saturday Night Fever" is a powerful movie about youths searching for their identity and finding much of it through music, it sure was not the kind of music my friends and I could relate to at all.

The same week that found the Bee Gees topping the charts, we saw a great 3-day run of The Quick and Mumps at the Whisky A Go Go. There's Lance doing is ever popular Crocodile Tears dance.

That same week, the Deadbeats, Eyes and Fear would play the Whisky. In the Los Angeles suburb of Arcadia, The Screamers, X, Alley Cats, and Flesh Eaters would play to a packed and frenzied crowd at the Marquee Club.

X on Lobotomy Night


Alley Cats

Who knew in 1978, however, that our two favorite blondes would become big superstars, joining the ranks of the Bee Gees in that category of having a Number 1 hit single?

While it would take Billy Idol leaving Generation X, and Blondie releasing a "disco song," it still was nice to see our friends make it. One thing it meant was being able to hear them on the radio when you drove beyond the broadcast zone of KROQ, KXLU or other cool station. Back then, I don't think we really referred to any of them as "sell-outs" as people are quick to do these days....

Idol shopping

Debbie Harry - X-Offender

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