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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Old Punks Gather

Chrissie Hynde

Last night at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, one John Lydon found himself in a mosh pit at the feet of Chrissie Hynde. He didn't get up on stage - that was Jonesy's thing - and he and Chrissie did a Sex Pistols song together. Well, what can I say? When this whole punk thing started, most of the audience at early gigs were members of other bands. Love to see the Rotten one showing support.

Reports from the road say that Chrissie's voice is as beautiful as ever.

If you are wondering why I don't have a first hand report, its because I didn't go to the Pretenders show last night. I hobbled this together from text messages I got from friends who were there. I love Chrissie...don't much care for the House of Blues...If you are interested in some coverage, Reuters filed a story that will be likely published everywhere.

Instead, I went to the Scene in Glendale to catch some cool underground punk rock bands of this era. Murderland, LiveFastDie, and the awesome DC Snipers just tore up the night and made it so worth schlepping out on a school night.

Matt Williams and Eric Friedl

Matt Williams seen on the left, with Eric Oblivian in the blur on the right, is playing drums with LiveFastDie, AND he's also the man responsible for bringing you the Horizontal Action Blackout in Chicago - the very last one is this May and my favorite band from the 90s, The Oblivians will close it out. As you can imagine, Matt's my favorite person on the face of the earth right now (next to Jack, Eric, and Greg Oblivian.)

Meanwhile, Angelenos should save the date on March 31 for the Jeffrey Lee Pierce Tribute Show at the very same Scene in Glendale.

Jeffrey Lee Pierce, 1980

Here's a word from the show's promoter:

Ten years ago Los Angeles and the rest of world lost a merry prankster; an artist, a singer, and an innovator - Jeffrey Lee Pierce left us all too soon on March 31, 1996. But he left a legacy in his music with the Gun Club and his solo records. He gave us a peek into his mind with his memoirs in Go Tell the Mountain.

Please join us on Friday March 31st, 2006 to celebrate the life of this man, his myth and the music he left behind. This celebration marks the 10th anniversary of Jeffrey Lee Pierce’s passing. His family, friends and fans will gather at the Scene in Glendale to remember, honor and dance.

Live performances by…

DJ Jacqui Pierce
will be spinning from Jeffrey’s record collection.

Who knows what other surprises may be in store?

Friday March 31st, 2006 at The Scene Bar in Glendale. The Scene Bar is located at 806 E. Colorado Blvd. Doors on the night of the event will open at 9 pm. The Show will start at 10pm.

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