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Friday, February 17, 2006

Ramones, continued

This crazy shot is the very first photo I took of any Ramone. I think its pretty funny. I've seen Joey photographed doing many things - from his high kicks to holding the famous GABBA GABBA HEY sign... but I guess no one cared to publish a photo of him holding on to that long hair.

Joey Ramone was particularly generous to Stiv and me over the years. The Ramones gave the Dead Boys and Stiv's various solo projects opening slots on their shows in great venues around the states.

I remember running into Joey, as usual, in the middle of the night at Veselka, the all-night Ukranian diner on 2nd Ave. in the East was the day the world learned that Stiv had died. Joey said, "stupid fucker. Should have gone to the doctor. He'd still be here." Not one to mince words or avoid medical attention. Joey was as on top of things as anyone could be during his illness. He'd have his laptop with him in the hospital. Keeping in touch...

But I don't want to leave you with a story of death... I want to leave you with the memory of Joey all long hair and longer legs, loping up any avenue in the East Village, constantly being stopped by fans, and always always having a kind word in response to their adulation...always having an autograph to give, even when he was feeling like crap.

Of all the times I spent in the company of Stiv when all the Ramones were around, the only pictures I have with Stiv and a Ramone are the ones with Stiv and Dee Dee.

Dee Dee & Stiv - your fave?

Then again, Stiv was a ham with a photo opportunity in mind all the time.... and Joey was just too funny. I spent more time laughing than trying to focus a camera when Joey was around. Thankfully, Bob Gruen and Roberta Bayley took almost all the pictures you'll ever need to see of the Ramones!

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