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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Ladies on drums

What's the absolute hottest thing in rock n roll - punk or otherwise? Girl drummers. Without a doubt.

This lovely lady is Miriam Linna, original drummer for the original no-bass punk rock band, The Cramps. Primitive and primal when she's playing music, Miriam is quite simply a lovely lady when she's off musical duty. Together with Billy Miller, she runs the Norton Records label, one that releases the best in punk and trashy garage rock and soul music. They're also in the A Bones together, if you want to catch Miriam in full swing.

Pandoras at the pool

Karen of the Pandoras -- seated on the right -- was a great and powerful drummer, but now she's a great wife and mom and not doing music as far as I know.

Its below freezing where I am - so I hope that the beach-themed picture of the Pandoras help to conjure up summertime for those of us experiencing winter. Yes, I am in Chicago!


Dave S said...

Let us not forget one of the first lady drummers...the one and only Ann "Honey" Lantree from the Honeycombs--'Have I The Right?' and many other amazing Joe Meek produced records!

Anonymous said...

haha "below freezing", are you in chicago as well?