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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Inventory Clearance Sale

Stiv Plugged in

This iconic image of Stiv Bators was selected by Bomp! Records to be the publicity photo during his solo recording phase ("Disconnected" and the singles like "It's Cold Outside"). Frank Secich reminded me that this photo was taken at Bijou Studios in Hollywood. In addition to being one helluva fine bass player and musical arranger, Frank's got the world's best memory.

Anyway - if you like this photo and you want one - don't go to eBay to get an old Bomp mass-produced print from a cranky collector when you can get it directly from me, the one who took the picture. I printed it too!

I have a few 8x10 prints remaining from my 2005 tour and I'm selling them at clearance prices on my new Inventory Clearance Sale site. I'm even hooked up to Paypal! (I know you've all been doing the Paypal forever... I finally came around)

In addition to this photo of Stiv, there are a couple of Ramones shots. There's the one of Dee Dee, pictured below in yesterday's post, and there's this one of Johnny.

Johnny Ramone

If you're a Gun Club completist, you can add both Patricia Morrison and Jeffrey Lee Pierce to your collection!

Patricia Morrison - The Bags

Jeffrey Lee Pierce, 1980

I'm telling you now that this is the last chance to buy this Jeffrey Lee Pierce image. By the end of the year, that photo will be in my gallery rotation and if you want to own it, you'll have to buy it through a gallery and it will cost you considerably more.

Punk Turns 30 and its traveling exhibit does not have corporate sponsorship and pays for itself. It is funded by sales of the photographs. If you don't want to buy a photo, you can still support us with a donation of your choice - see the column on the right to support this site.


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