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Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Dirty Live Sound of the Ghetto

Today is Jim Diamond's Birthday. He's the guy who runs Ghetto Recorders in Detroit. He's the guy who defined dirty garage rock sound of the 90s with all the records he produced and/or engineered.

Its a real punk rock place, that Ghetto Recorders - housed in a place that used to be a chicken processing plant, behind the State Theatre...its cold in the winter, the roof leaks, the oven doesn't work...
Jim's Blue Oven
but there is a whole bunch of cool vintage gear.
guitars 313

Despite the conditions and the surroundings, some of the greatest and grittiest records were made there. Here's a short list...

The Compulsive Gamblers
Southpaw Greg at Southpaw Brooklyn

Les Sexareenos (Montreal garage punks)

Mystery Girls
Casey Mystery Girl

The Dirtbombs
Mick hears something funny

Ko & the Knockouts

and some other fabulous bands and records like The Sights, New Bomb Turks, Clone Defects, Von Bondies, and a Detroit duo you may have heard of: The White Stripes.

Check out Ghetto Recorders website for the long list and some MP3's of some of Jim's handywork. Check your record collection. I know you've got some or several records he's made. AND, listen in to Kim Fowley's shift on Sirius Satellite Radio, channel 25 Underground Garage TODAY for a tribute to Jim and the sounds of Ghetto Recorders.

Kim Fowley

Happy Birthday Jim!


tescosuicide said...

I know this has nothing to do with the post but, what do you know about Patricia Morrisson?

Theresa K. said...

She started her career as Pat Bag in the Bags...moved on to the Gun Club, Sisters of Mercy and married Dave Vanian from the Damned. They have a kid - but Patricia is the bass player in The Damned - its a rock n roll family.